About Us

Our Vision is to redefine and implement new standards that re-shape the real estate process by offering unparalleled services, with high level of honesty and transparency to our global clients.

UK House Hub Limited is a UK based Real Estate Agency, specialising in property sales, marketing and management for both residential and commercial purposes.

We oversee due diligence processes on behalf of all parties according to their objectives.

Mohammed Farghaly

Mohammed Farghaly

House Hub is founded by global real estate expert CEO Mr. Mohammed Farghaly who has more than 16 years’ experience in Real Estate industry globally, with his primary focus on Gulf Countries and The Middle East.

Mohammed has an impressive history of over 120 projects and has successfully closed over 1000 property deals totalling over £300m.

Having lived in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, Mohammed has over 16 years of practising the same traditions, speaking the same language and understanding the cultural privacies of those communities.

Like the other members of the House Hub Team, Mohammed is multicultural, with deep understanding the different cultural mindsets and adopts a hybrid approach of working in line with traditional Arabic values coupled with the professionalism of the British business standards of accuracy and efficiency.

As part of his social responsibility, Mohammed has delivered free courses and lectures, designed to educate and advise potential clients or investors of the complexity of buying Real Estate abroad. He also writes for local and international newspapers and has appeared on various TV shows sharing his extensive knowledge with others.

Fun Fact: Since relocating to the UK, Mohammed has developed a love of our coffee machine and is constantly buying more. We currently have over 100 coffee pods in the office ready for him!

Hayley Blaise

Hayley Blaise

Hayley, our Head of Operations, contributes a background in Property Management, specialising in Vacant Property Management for primarily Arabic Clients. Mohammed has worked with Hayley since 2015 and she was the first handpicked member of staff to join the House Hub Family.

Hayley has a solid understanding of the cultural differences involved in overseas property transactions and subsequent management, and deeply appreciates the characteristics of Arabic business relationships. This understanding results in deep knowledge of clients’ needs and she succeeds in fulfilling these in a culturally appropriate manner.

Hayley assumes overall responsibility for various departments and teams within House Hub such as Property Management, Property Assist, Sales Departments, as well as sharing responsibility for Business Development, both locally and worldwide, to ensure successful outcomes for all parties.

Fun fact: During a rather unfortunate basic translation from Arabic to English, Hayley had acquired the nickname ‘Sandbags’ in the office, due to always being around to protect the company and clients from unexpected disaster!

Donna Wooton

Donna Wooton

Donna joined the Property Industry in 2009 and has experience within Investments, Block Management, Residential Lettings and Property Management. Donna is fiercely protective of clients’ investments, property and finances, which made her the natural choice to oversee and manage the Property Management and Asset Management departments within House Hub.

Managing our Maintenance, Inspections and Administration staff, Donna works with her team to ensure that all clients receive the level of service they deserve and expect. The valuable Residential Lettings experience held by Donna enables her to liaise with all stakeholders with confidence, challenging when required to shield clients’ from any unnecessary expenditure and ensuring all parties complete their instructions with integrity and diligence.

Fun Fact: Donna recently battled with Cancer and won, and now uses that as a mantra when dealing with problems in the office – if cancer didn’t get the better of me, neither will this!

Mohammed, Hayley and Donna work with an exceptional team of support staff to ensure that sales and management work effectively and harmoniously and as a result, the company portfolio is constantly expanding. These Three Musketeers frequently review additional products to add to House Hub’s service, in order to provide the best added value to clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

House Hub strongly believes that we have an obligation, as a profit-making limited company, to give back to others whenever possible.

  • We currently sponsor the Roman Rangers Junior Football Club until August 2021 https://www.romanrangersfc.co.uk/

  • As the harsh UK winter approached, we donated 20 waterproof sleeping bags to The Winter Night Shelter, after seeing an appeal on social media https://www.winternightsheltermk.com/

  • House Hub donated to Al-Fikr, when one of our independent contractors visited Pakistan and Liberia to deliver aid to those in need and worked with others to set up water supply in local areas. https://www.al-fikr.org/

  • House Hub chooses to work with small, independent companies wherever possible and believe in supporting local businesses and smaller traders.

  • We dislike waste, be it of office materials or excess items in properties and we reuse or donate to less fortunate when appropriate to do so.