House Hub is the central point for all your Real Estate needs, whether you are buying, selling, investing, leasing or in need of property management.

UK House Hub Limited ("House Hub") is a private limited company which offers real estate and investment management services to home buyers and investors from GCC region, and all globally who seek to purchase and/or manage residential real estate in the UK. House Hub differentiates itself by combining its understanding of the specific language, culture, needs and tastes of customers from the GCC region with its expertise in the UK real estate market and by delivering this service in a transparent, real-time and easy-to-understand way.

Mohammed Farghaly

Mohammed Farghaly CEO

Mohammed Farghaly has more than 15 years of experience working in the real estate sector in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. For the past eight years, he has been working as the Executive & Marketing Manager at UTOPIA Properties (Qatar). His experience includes almost every aspect of the management and operation of a real estate business, including marketing, strategy, client relationships, budgeting, market intelligence, pricing, recruitment, staff training and general management.

Mohamed has been involved in over 120 projects, and closed more than 1,000 deals with a value of over £300 million Sterling Pounds. He has a deep understanding of the business mentality and culture across the GCC states, as well as the real estate market and business culture in the UK. He is fluent in Arabic and English. This wide experience, in addition to his MBA, have prepared him to start up and lead UK House Hub Limited.

Our Services

Buyer/ Investor

Buying a property in UK can be an incredible upheaval of searching time, financial and legal procedures, conveyancing etc. But House Hub can provide you with a complete package of services for buying property in UK. Our team will work closely with you in identifying and acquiring the best investment properties that meet your objectives and offer the best ROI.

Seller/ Developer

House Hub introduces a variety of professional services to sellers/landlords and developers to market and promote their properties in different locations across the GCC, Far East and Africa. This ensures that whatever you are selling will be exposed to a variety of investors from different parts of the world.

Assist Management

We created this service to help Investors make sure that they comply with UK laws and regulations and to keep them protected against unexpected fees, penalties or unforeseen troubles.

Property Management

Our Landlords are always delivered exceptional service with maximum value for their property management. Your home will be hassle free, with House Hub assuming the responsibilities of taxes, insurance tenant’s responsibilities, maintenance and repairs to keep the property functioning in top condition and supervising property security through managing or hiring the employees required.

Real Estate Consultancy

House Hub’s team works with developers and clients on the best development strategies when designing the master plans for the sites based on their wide experience in different countries. House Hub also advises on the client’ category, which will be targeted with a detailed plan based on deep knowledge of the customers’ needs and expectations.

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